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Call It Synthetic Turf, Artificial Grass, Or Fake Lawns.
We Just Call It Better. is a full service supplier and installer of synthetic grass that is used in many aplications. It looks and feels like real grass but is virtually maintenance free. It does not have to be cared for on a weekly or even monthly basis. Artificial turf surfaces allows everyone to be a more creative and a more environmentally friendly while cutting endless monthly maintenance costs at the same time.








Putting Greens




Pet Turf






Sports Facilities

Everyone Knows That Artificial Turf Saves Time, Effort & Money.

Residential and commercial property owners, municipal buildings and parks departments and more are all utilizing artificial turf because of the long term value it provides and the time and money it saves. Even architects and designers are integrating synthetic grass into their blueprints and layouts. Contact us today to discuss incorporating artificial turf into your landscape, interior and exterior designs, or any other area of your property.

Now offering financing through GreenSky.


Almost Any Foundation Can Have Artificial Turf Installed On It.

Artificial turf can be installed on almost any surface. If you would like synthetic grass to replace your existing lawn, we can remove the real grass, level the areas and install realistic looking and feeling artificial turf. If you are using artificial turf as a design element, give us a call to discuss it. We can install synthetic grass almost anywhere like.


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All Types Of Clients:


• Home Owners

• Property Managers

• Contractors

• Developers

• Government Agencies

• Landscapers

• Architects & More


Synthetic Grass Lawns Are Available In A Variety Of Thicknesses And Shades.

Artificial turf is available in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses. Flat and tight synthetic grass can make for a perfect putting surface while higher and looser grass make for a perfect year round lawn. We can help you decide which synthetic grass is right for your particular use.

Artificial Turf Means No Weeds, No Maintenance, And No Pesticides.


Get a beautiful multi-purpose area of artificial turf that looks just like real grass. All without the mowing, watering, or patching. Chemical free synthetic grass is safer for children and pets to play on. They also won't come back with grass and mud stains.

Easily Beautify Any Area With Durable Synthetic Grass.

Artificial synthetic grass is great for eco-friendly lawns, backyard putting greens, playground surfaces and much more. This alternative to natural grass keeps it’s clean and attractive appearance for years. High traffic areas won’t wear out and leave patchy dirt areas like natural grass does. Edging stays sharp and lines stay straight. There are many possibilities and benefits to using artificial turf. Call today to discuss your ideas.

Call Artificial Turf NY today for a quick phone call or to schedule an in-person consultation.
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